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CANNAZYM is a high-quality enzyme product. It consists of more than 12 different kinds of enzymes to which vitamins and extracts of desert plants are added. CANNAZYM speeds up the process of breaking down dead root material and activates the micro-organisms. In addition to this, CANNAZYM facilitates the improved absorption of nutrients and increases the resistance against pathogenic organisms. The threat

In a root system that functions well, roots die and new roots are formed. The remains of roots that died form an ideal growing substrate for pathogenic organisms. After the pathogenic moulds have multiplied in the dead root material, they are a threat to the healthy roots. These are easily affected, and will lose an important part of their function. This causes stress to the entire plant and stunts any new growth.


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  • rockwool cube 4 inch small hole x 6

    6 X 4 inch rockwool cubes with small holes.
    Grodan supplies cultivation solutions that comprise a combination of advice, support and a clean and controllable substrate. This results in the best basis for the cultivation of safe, healthy and high-quality vegetables and plants.
    For over thirty years, grodan has been at the cutting edge in the cultivation of safe, healthy and high-quality vegetables and plants.
    It is no longer a surprising proposition that todays customers want horticultural products which are both safe and fresh. Durable cultivated products are being offered in a steadily wider variety and grodan works alongside the growers in both dialogue and action in their pursuit of optimum cultivation results.
    Quality products do not grow by themselves. They require a particular approach, which strives continually to achieve the right balance between the environment, people and price. Our society insists that entrepreneurs accept responsibility for our legacy to future generations.
    Grodan has achieved a major breakthrough in the field of protected and manageable cultivation in greenhouses, with the introduction of hydroponic systems  cultivation methods, which are independent of soil. Hydroponic growth offers entrepreneurs the ability to produce safe and high quality products.
    As a result of this form of cultivation, being kind to nature whilst at the same time yielding a good return, an increasing number of growers are opting for grodans crop management solutions.

    Price is for a strip of 8 Cubes
  • Guard'N'Aid Insect Catcher

    Double Sided Insect catcher
    Catch and identify your pests. A pack of double sided glue sheets used to monitor the presence of all flying insects. Use sticky fly traps as part of your routine integrated past management (IPM) procedure to alert you to a problem before it becomes an infestation. Five Insect Catchers per pack.
  • Heat Resisting Silver Duct Tape

    Heat Resisting Silver Foil Duct Tape with aggressive adhesive system. Widely used in the construction industry for pipe lagging, duct sealing, heating and ventilating.
  • Systemair RVK Extractor Fans

    Lti Systemair of Germany, these RVK range of turbo fans are quiet running, powerful and ideal for connecting to our selection of carbon filters and silencers. Usually an extractor fan is used to bring in fresh air from outside the grow room and another is used to remove stale air from inside the grow room. In some instances, such as smaller set-ups, it is possible to get by with only one extractor which is used to remove (extract) stale air from the grow room whilst fresh air is sucked into the grow room via vents in doors, windows and walls. RVK Systemair extractor fans are suitable whatever method you choose to use and get a full recommendation from us.

    100mm (4") RVK100 A1 Extractor Fan - 175m3/hour
    125mm (5") RVK125 A1 Extractor Fan - 250m3/hour £67
    150mm (6") RVK150 A1 Extractor Fan - 420m3/hour £77
    200mm (8") RVK200 A1 Extractor Fan - 750m3/hour £92
    250mm (10") RVK250 A1 Extractor Fan - 1100m3/hour £103
    315mm (12.5") RVK315 A1 Extractor Fan - 1300m3/hour £154


    All RVK Extractor Fans will need a cable fitted to operate. A wiring diagram demonstrating how to connect up your fan will be included. You will also require Ducting. Each fan is supplied with a mounting bracket free of charge.
  • Ultra-Mist Pro 5 Ultrasonic Grow Room Humidifier

    To increase humidity in enclosed spaces you cannot improve on a purpose-designed humidifier. These little beauties are designed to increase humidity in growing areas and propagators.

    • 38 W
    • Manual control
    • 4.0 litre capacity

    Plants can often require different humidity levels at different stages of the grow cycle so it is important to control the various elements of the environment. Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air and a product like this simply increases that level.

  • Smscom Twin Fan Pro Controller 4.5A

    The Twin Controller PRO 4.5A comes with two programmes installed within the unit – the original programme from the SMSCOM Twin Fan Controller, and an improved humidity control programme.

    The original Programme will do a 5 minute scan of your grow room and calculate the gradual increases and decreases of your fans, in the course of the scan it will automatically find the capacity at which level to run your fans to maintain a controlled temperature – this means less work getting temps just right, as the unit will do it for you!

    The second programme activates when the grow rooms lights have been switched off to simulate the dark period – when the lights are shut off, the Twin Controller PRO 4.5A kicks into action, it calculates the humidity within your room and any excess is abolished due to the Twin Controller PRO 4.5A gently increasing the fan speeds for just the right amount of time to remove the excess humidity from the grow room.

    The Twin Controller PRO 4.5A automates two monotonous jobs that indoor growers face, further preventing the need to buy heaters and dehumidifiers and thus saving you money, allowing you to focus more on the finer details and enjoy the fruits of your labour that little bit more.

    - Optimise grow room temperature
    - Control grow room humidity
    - Optimise negative air pressure
    - Very smooth fan speed adjustment
    - No need to adjust fan speeds yourself, the controller does it for you
    - Accurate to +/- 1 degree
    - 5m probe
    - Plug and Play
    - Max load (both fans): 4.5 Amps or 3750m3/hrs
    - 5 year warranty


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