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CANNAZYM is a high-quality enzyme product. It consists of more than 12 different kinds of enzymes to which vitamins and extracts of desert plants are added. CANNAZYM speeds up the process of breaking down dead root material and activates the micro-organisms. In addition to this, CANNAZYM facilitates the improved absorption of nutrients and increases the resistance against pathogenic organisms. The threat

In a root system that functions well, roots die and new roots are formed. The remains of roots that died form an ideal growing substrate for pathogenic organisms. After the pathogenic moulds have multiplied in the dead root material, they are a threat to the healthy roots. These are easily affected, and will lose an important part of their function. This causes stress to the entire plant and stunts any new growth.


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  • Guardian Angel

    The No.1 in Root Rot prevention!

    Guardian Angel fosters healthy plants that better resist harmful microbial attacks. It really is about good crop insurance!

    Guardian Angel is a non-living blend of composted fertilizers, root zone soil amendments, inert nutritional salts and natural bacteria derived enzymes. These enzymes aid microbes in producing carbohydrate-binding proteins, lectins and aslo enhance macro and micro nutrient availability to the symbiotic beneficial bacteria in the plant root hair zone.

    The availability of these enzymes and nutrient substrates promotes the growth of natural soil microbial communities and best supports the uptake of nutrients required for the plants natural defence activation and growth. Guardian Angel hovers over your whole growing system and promotes a healthy maintenance of your lines, pumps and hydroponics components. Works in soilless mixes too!
  • Canna Terra Professional

    Terra Professional

    Your favourite plant grows best in a nitrogen-rich potting mix and CANNA Terra Professional potting mix is unlike anything you will find in a garden centre. It contains a blend of sphagnum moss peat, compost, worm castings, perlite and a special 'natural plant booster' which is a blend of organic ingredients. If you are going to grow indoors or outdoors, this is the potting mix you want to use.
    Exclusive, high value organic ingredients such as airy peat moss and types of tree bark that have an antiseptic action are components of Terra Professional and Terra Professional Plus. These have the direct result of promoting exceptional root development and the formation of thicker stems, while faster metabolism combined with low sickness rates ensure an increased production. Among other things, these characteristics make CANNA TERRA highly suitable for fast growing plants.

  • Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice - Grow A&B

    Most base nutrient formulas are cleverly disguised, bargain-bin formulas based on old granulated fertilizer recipes. And they charge you an arm and a leg for this mediocre bottle of N-P-K.

    Well we've had enough! The community has spoken and we have heard.

    • How about a 2-part base nutrient formula that's more than just nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium?

    • How about a base nutrient formula designed for the specific types of plants you grow?

    • And how about a base nutrient formula that you can afford to use? forward to harvesting.


    A house built on sand will fall. But a strong foundation will stand up to the most brutal threats. With Jungle Juice 2-Part, your plant get a world-class nutrient foundation, as reliable as bedrock. Jungle Juice 2-Part includes the highest quality Nitrogen, Iron and Calcium, and other trace elements necessary to grow truly profitable plants.


    Here's where Jungle Juice 2-Part uses nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N-P-K) differently. Jungle Juice 2-Part not only derives these from the highest quality sources, but is chelated at every chance.

    In case you were wondering, chelation is altering an element at the molecular level by attaching tiny “hooks” all the way around the elemental ion, totally encapsulating it. That way, your plants absorb exactly what they need without any struggle. This is also where we include secondary minerals that give your plants a serious competitive advantage.

    And to top it all off...

    Your plants get precise doses of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and sulfur that trigger those big, juicy flower you look forward to harvesting.


    Jungle Juice 2-Part is packed with extra ingredients like:

    • Boron
    • Copper
    • Cobalt
    • Molybdenum
    • Manganese
    • Iron
    • Zinc
    Each ingredient selected for Jungle Juice 2-Part has been proven to have a dramatic effect on plant growth, not just by our scientists, but by such reputable publications as The Journal of Plant Nutrition, The Australian Journal of Plant Physiology, New Physiologist, The Journal of Experimental Botany, Plant and Soil, and others.


    Jungle Juice 2-Part won't balance your pH for you.. However, it is compatible with other pH Perfect products you might use. Which means if you're using a pH Product already, Jungle Juice will not interfere with your pH balance. And you can still avoid those awful, costly, frustrating pH pens.

    And you can have this amazing formula for even less than the industry standard for 2-part base nutrients! When you see the price for all this, don't be surprised if your jaw drops.

  • Green Planet - Pro Cal 1L

    Pro-Cal is an excellent supplemental source of Calcium, Magnesium and Iron. Plants engaged in rapid growth can often come up short on these essential elements so supplementation is a great idea. The savvy grower makes Pro-Cal a must have in their arsenal of plant growing weapons


    * Click on the video icon to view the Pro Cal product overview video

    UK Feed Program


  • h&g Coco Grow A & B

    Coco Grow A & B
    Coco Specific Nutrient
    Product information
    Coco fibre growing medium is known for its capillary action, it retains water and nutrients for a long period of time. For this reason cultivation in Coco requires a very well balanced main feed.
    House and Garden Coco Grow nutrients are manufactured based on the needs of UK based growers, House & Garden are one of the only Dutch nutrient manufacturers to offer a grow formula of their base nutrient range. Other manufacturers only cater for the European market, where growers tend to have a much shorter grow cycle than here in the UK.
    Because of this, UK growers using other brands can sometimes experience a deficiency in nitrogen as they start the flowering phase.
    House & Garden grow feeds contain large quantities of easily absorbable nitrogen, which encourages lush healthy growth and vigorous root activity during the growth phase. House & Garden Coco nutrient is a substrate specific nutrient which is highly concentrated. Consisting of two parts, an A and a B formula, all House & Garden base nutrients are manufactured using the highest grade mineral compounds. Growers using House & Garden products can expect the best yields and very high quality fruits.
  • Vitalink Bioplus

    VitaLink BioPlus An effective root booster and stress reliever. Proven to encourage fast rooting and reduce transplant shock. Superior plant stress reliever A growth and flowering booster containing natural plant hormones, vitamins and co-factors that produce prolific rooting, leading to superior all round growth. It combats stress caused by cloning and transplanting, and also consists of natural beneficial bacteria and fungi to help protect delicate root systems against disease. Suitable for use with all nutrients and boosters except Oxy-Plus.

  • BioBizz BioHeaven

    Plant Energy Booster

    BioHeaven is a specially formulated Plant Energy booster which contains carefully selected biological stimulants, such as amino-acids. Amino-acids are the basic building blocks for the proteins and enzymes, which are essential to the structure and the metabolism of plants.

    As a result, BioHeaven enhances utilization and translocation of nutrients in fertilizer blends & foliars and boosts up the anti-oxidant system of the plant, rids the plant of toxins built up during periods of stress, repairs chlorophyll and restimulates the plant.

    The L-amino acids used by BioBizz for BioHeaven are extracted from soybean cake and other organic protein sources via enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation. This process ensures the amino acids to be extracted in L-form, the only absorbed and used by plants. Besides the L-amino acids, BioHeaven contains natural aged humus, one of the most versatile components in soil environments. This component, in combination with other operative substances in BioHeaven, increases extremely the quantity of minerals in the soil. Normally, the percentage of minerals uptake lies around the 5-10%, the substances within BioHeaven can raise it up to 95%.

    These processes stimulated by BioHeaven enhance the availability of nutritionally important trace elements, which are capable of entering plant cells.

    - Available in bottles of 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L or 10L.


    • Highly concentrated.
    • Rapid and complete uptake of the key nutrients.
    • Accelerated chelation of essential macro and micro nutrients.
    • Improves yield and quality of harvest.
    • Improves moisture retention in plants and reduce moisture stress.
    • Stimulates enzymatic systems in plants to increase plant respiration.
    • Provides a valuable source of carbon for soil micro-organisms.
    • Compatible with all fertilizer programs/ brands, both biological biomineral or synthetic.

    For every system SOIL, HYDRO and AEROPONICS!

    2 - 5 ml per liter. Start using in the second week of grow. Stop using two weeks before harvest.

  • RAW - Yucca 2oz/57g

    RAW Yucca is a wetting agent used for horticultural purposes.  RAW Yucca is 100% Yucca Extract.  This product is fully water Soluble and can be used to supplement any nutrient program or foliar spray regimen.  A wetting agent is beneficial to nutrient solutions as well as foliar spray applications and can be used at all stages of growth and flowering. A 2 oz package of RAW Yucca makes up to 1000 gallons and the 8 oz package makes up to 4000 gallons.

    RAW- Recipe Book HERE - Really useful and well worth a look
  • Jumbo Hanging Drying Rack

    This hanging mesh rack gives you eight levels of fine mesh that are perfect for drying your flowers, herbs or vegetables. Handles at top and bottom of rack allow whole rack to be turned in one, saving hours of turning drying crops, also folds away easily for storage. Diameter 800mm with 6 removable sections.

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