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CANNAZYM is a high-quality enzyme product. It consists of more than 12 different kinds of enzymes to which vitamins and extracts of desert plants are added. CANNAZYM speeds up the process of breaking down dead root material and activates the micro-organisms. In addition to this, CANNAZYM facilitates the improved absorption of nutrients and increases the resistance against pathogenic organisms. The threat

In a root system that functions well, roots die and new roots are formed. The remains of roots that died form an ideal growing substrate for pathogenic organisms. After the pathogenic moulds have multiplied in the dead root material, they are a threat to the healthy roots. These are easily affected, and will lose an important part of their function. This causes stress to the entire plant and stunts any new growth.


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    Please note when buying the saucers the sizes listed are correct but we recommend you use the next size up to stop them overflowing.
  • Growth Technology Chilli Focus

    The premier liquid nutrient for chillis and peppers

    Chilli Focus is based on commercial chilli nutrients, as manufactured by our company for over twenty years.

    Chillies and peppers have specific nutritional requirements. While it is true that they can perform reasonably well with general purpose feeds, the best results will be achieved by using a formulation designed specifically for them. Chilli Focus is precisely formulated for the needs of chillies and peppers  it does not contain urea. It supports the production of healthier, more vigorous plants and colourful, juicier fruits.

    • Superb packaging and presentation.
    • Complements sales of chillies and peppers.
    • Available in convenient 100 ml, value 300 ml and 500 ml, and grower 1 litre and 5 litre sizes.
  • 8 Rockwool Cubes 3in large hole

    Grodan supplies cultivation solutions that comprise a combination of advice, support and a clean and controllable substrate. This results in the best basis for the cultivation of safe, healthy and high-quality vegetables and plants. For over thirty years, grodan has been at the cutting edge in the cultivation of safe, healthy and high-quality vegetables and plants. It is no longer a surprising proposition that todays customers want horticultural products which are both safe and fresh.


  • ROOT!T® First Feed

    ROOT!T® First Feed

    ROOT!T First Feed gives plants the best start in life. Specially formulated with a leading UK university, ROOT!T First Feed contains everything required for healthy growing during this crucial stage including Boron and Calcium for the fastest healthiest root development.

    Overall benefits of ROOT!T First Feed

    • Promotes fast and healthy root development.
    • Proven to reduce standard rooting times.
    • Boosts resistance to infection and disease.
    • Increases your chance of success at this difficult and crucial stage.
    • Provides the basis for overall healthy plants.
    How ROOT!T First Feed works
    Healthy roots are essential for promoting successful vegetative growth and flowering – and this is exactly what ROOT!T First Feed promotes! ROOT!T First Feed contains key ratios of vital nutrients proven to promote the best possible plant growth during this crucial stage.

    Boron and Calcium for the fastest root growth
    ROOT!T First Feed contains Boron and Calcium, widely known to be essential for root growth. For the fastest root growth possible, these nutrients need to be supplied at a specific ratio which ROOT!T First Feed provides. Allowing you to achieve the best possible propagation results.

    Vitamin B1 to increase resistance to infection
    ROOT!T First Feed contains Vitamin B1 which encourages your plants to produce chemicals that increase their resistance to infection. A bit like having an army ready to fight before invasion has occurred!™ By supplying plants with Vitamin B1, ROOT!T First Feed increases transplant success.

    Humates for further improved health and growth
    ROOT!T First Feed contains Humic and Fulvic acids that promote a healthy root system and increase nutrient uptake for excellent growth and improved development.

    For the best possible propagation results we recommend using as a presoak with ROOT!T Rooting Sponges. If taking cuttings we also recommend ROOT!T Rooting Gel. This 3 product set of Rooting Sponges, Rooting Gel and First Feed are proven to advance the striking and growing of cuttings.
    • NPK 2.0/1.15/2.3
    • Just a few drops to start your crops
    • Stronger and healthier roots
    • Faster plant development
    • Use in the first few weeks of growth
  • Sugar Peak Briximus Maximus 250ml

    Sugar Peak Briximus Maximus is an optional 1 part additive especially designed for foliar feeding during the flowering phase of the growth cycle. Briximus Maximus is designed to be used along side Sugar Peak Grand finale.
    Sugar Peak is an exciting new innovation in the search for plant nutrient perfection. Fusing the premium quality of organics with the high performance of a mineral feed, this easy to use and comprehensive package of products raises the bar for other nutrients to follow. Consisting of four parts, the Sugar Peak range takes care of your plants precise feeding requirements at every key stage via separate Leaf Growth, Flowering and Grand Finale formulations - whilst the powerful organic elements in Sugar Peak Catalyst enhance overall flavours, textures and yields.

    Leaf Growth has been designed to encourage energetic stem and leaf development for foliage plants and the vegetative stages of flowering and fruiting plants. Flowering stimulates, maintains and enhances early fruiting and flowering growth. Grand Finale is for the later stages of flowering/fruiting growth, triggering your plants final flowering response and supporting the maturation of additional fruit and flower sets before harvest. The organic additive Catalyst encourages compact branching, stimulates opulent fruiting sites, triggers early yields, introduces natural sugars and conditions soils and hydroponic solutions for superior nutrient assimilation. It is used throughout all stages of plant growth in tandem with the rest of the Sugar Peak range.
  • Vitalink Fulvic

    VitaLink Fulvic ‘Piggy backs’ key nutrients to where they are needed most in your plants for the best possible growth and flowering. Liquid gold Vita Link Fulvic is known to have a number of growth promoting attributes that makes it a valuable addition to any feeding regime. It accelerates cell division (leading to faster growth), enhances nutrient uptake and aids mineral transfer around the plant itself. All of these factors combine to create an overall increase in productivity and performance from your plant resulting in improved crop quality.

  • Hailea Air Pump

    These Hailea air pumps are designed for small hydroponic tanks and systems and also for small aquarium tanks and are very reliable little units for pumping plenty of bubbles into your water.

    Hailea air pumps are manufactured with the outlets for your air tubing to be connected to already on the pump, so no manifold is required. Rubber feet are also fitted to help reduce any vibration noise from the pump when placed onto your floor. These air pumps are great to use when creating your own DWC pot system, simply connect to some air pipe and a stone placed inside your pot to aerate your water. These air pumps also require a low power consumption to run so they can be left on 24/7, great for growers on a budget.

    • G2114 Hailea 1 Outlet Air Pump - 1.6 l/min
    • G2115 Hailea 2 Outlet Air Pump - 2 l/min
  • Drip Clean

    Drip Clean
    House & Garden Drip Clean is a must for anyone using a drip irrigation system such as Auto pots or an IWS dripper system, as well as all other types of drip fed system.
    Drip Clean works as a magnet, removing dirt particles from your piping every time the plants are fed. This ensures they remain clean and free of blockages, meaning less headaches as the plants develop.
    Drip Clean also adds a boost of minerals to your plant, improving the greenness and vitality with every application.
    To prevent any blockages of pipe work use drip clean with every watering. Use drip clean with any new systems to prevent build up of salts. NEVER add drip clean to an old system as this will cause all the salts to break away and this may cause blockages.
    Dilution rate
    1ml of drip clean will dilute into 1 litre of water making drip clean very economical to use.
  • Vitalink Flush 1 Litre

    VitaLink Flush Flushes old nutrients from your plants to improve ripening

    Remove excess nutrient Towards the end of an intensive indoor grow, your plants may have a build up of nutrients stored within their fruits, flowers and leaves. Vita Link Flush aids your plant in clearing these excess stores, helping to improve the final appearance and quality of fruit and flower crops. Vita Link Flush can also be used at any time throughout your grow should over-fertilisation become a problem.


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