Lumii 315w Solar CDM  Bulbs £74.95 Lumii 315w Solar CDM
  • Lumii 315w Solar CDM  Bulbs £74.95 Lumii 315w Solar CDM

Lumii 315w Solar CDM

With blinding intensity, the LUMii Solar 315w CDM Lamps deliver a light spectrum that mimics that of natural sunlight indoors and plant's love it. Not only do the LUMii Solar 315w CDM Lamps run with incredibly intensity they offer your plants greater levels of plant useable light, that can be lacking in other lamps due to their full spectrum profile. The LUMii Solar 315w CDM Lamps are available in two specific spectrums, covering both the growing and blooming phase of a plants life cycle, resulting in happier plants with bumper harvests of superior quality end product.


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  • Run with blinding intensity, with a light spectrum that plants adore
  • LUMii Solar 315w CDM Gro Lamp creates intense blue light, perfect for vegging and keeping plants compact
  • LUMii Solar 315w CDM Pro Lamp creates deep red light, excellent for flowering and essential oil production
  • Optimised for use with LUMii Solar lighting fixtures
  • Can be used as a standalone lighting source or a supplemental light alongside HID lighting
  • Lower power consumption and reduced heat output when compared to HID lighting
  • Both lamps are double jacketed for added safety, with a life span of 20,000 hours 


1 x LUMii Solar 315w CDM Lamp of your choice or both lamps

Colour temperature
LUMii Solar 315w CDM Gro Lamp - 4200K (veg)
LUMii Solar 315w CDM Pro Lamp - 3200K (flower)

Lumen output
LUMii Solar 315w CDM Gro Lamp - 31,500 lumens
LUMii Solar 315w CDM Pro Lamp - 37,800 lumens

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Lumii 315w Solar CDM
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