Plant Magic - 70/30 Coco Perlite 50L Bag  Coco Coir Media £14.00 Plant Magic 70/30 50L Bag
  • Plant Magic - 70/30 Coco Perlite 50L Bag  Coco Coir Media £14.00 Plant Magic 70/30 50L Bag

Plant Magic - 70/30 Coco Perlite 50L Bag

Plant Magic 70/30 combines premium RHP quality coco and perlite. The coco is tripled washed to remove salts and enriched with calcium nitrate and added Mycorrhizae!

This 30 percent perlite and 70 percent Coco mix is improving your average coco by upping oxygen and drainage. This will give you quicker and more effective development rates. 70/30 is perfect for dripper systems or hand watering. Coco improves nutrient uptake whilst perlite offers both excellent water retention and proper aeration which is necessary for healthy root growth in plants.


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70/30 has a light feel and your plants will thrive off this medium. The best part of this product is the 30 percent perlite which is made from expanded volcanic glass. Perlite will increase the amount of air within the mix and will reduce water holding capacity. This means a lighter mix creating better drainage and improved resistance to compaction. Plants grown in 70/30 will be resistant to the effects of over-watering than your usual coco. Perlite has benefits such as better drainage and a more easy flow for nutrients. This product is ideal for hand-watering and dripper systems. 

Why Use Plant Magic 70/30?

Perfect for dripper or hand watering systems.

Full of Mycorrhizal fungi.

Better root growth.

Better drainage and oxygenation with its 70/30 formula.

Helps nutrient uptake.

Great results!

Plant Magic 60/40 is perfect to use in conjunction with Plant Magics range!

How To Use:

Simple and ready to use! This product has no nutrient, this means you should start feeding straight away. 

Plant Magic 70/30 50L Bag
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