Atami - Bcuzz Hydro A+B  Hydroponics £12.00 Atami Bcuzz Hydro
  • Atami - Bcuzz Hydro A+B  Hydroponics £12.00 Atami Bcuzz Hydro

Atami - Bcuzz Hydro A+B

The base for fine growing results on hydroponic systems, B’cuzz Hydro A&B are universal base nutrients that provide the (young) plant with the concentrated and specific mineral nutrition it requires to develop itself into a strong and healthy plant.


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In Hydroculture, a higher dose of nutrients is used. This is the main reason for a higher concentration of nutrients in Hydro A&B. Hydro Rokz (clay pebbles) barely retain nutrients and they flush out easily. The roots do not have a lot of time to take up extra nutrients from their surroundings. So, in order to meet the needs of the plant, watering needs to be done more often and with a higher concentration of nutrients. The higher concentration of nutrients also enables to circulate the nutrient solution, because the solution will remain rich in nutrients for a longer period.


different kinds of vegetables, fruits and herbs like egg plants, sage, and basil. It can also be used for indoor and potted plants (e.g., Anthurium, Lavender, Gerbera). The required dosage can be measured to meet the needs of any individual plant or crop.


Because certain nutrients in the solution chemically react with each other in high concentrations, the nutrients come in two separate bottles, A and B. The A and B concentrates may only be mixed with each other in combination with water.


1 – 3 ml A and 1 – 3 ml B per litre of water.

NK 5-5 W/W

Atami Bcuzz Hydro
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