OCD DEO Max 750ml Aerosol - Air Freshener / Odour Neutralizer  Odour Control £8.95 OCD Aerosol 750ml
  • OCD DEO Max 750ml Aerosol - Air Freshener / Odour Neutralizer  Odour Control £8.95 OCD Aerosol 750ml

OCD DEO Max 750ml Aerosol - Air Freshener / Odour Neutralizer

Why use OCD aerosol?

Are you a Maverick? Then you’ve got the need… the need for speed!

When you’ve got an odour that needs neutralising quick, then this is the product for you! Like the OCD gels, they get to work fast and leave the surrounding area smelling great for hours to come.

If only Maverick had one of our aerosols, he wouldn’t have needed that odour mask in the cockpit all the time.


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How to use:

Here are some OCD fun facts about using our exotic aerosols:

If you push the nozzle and point in the direction of the unwanted smelly zone, a jet (another cool TopGun reference) of OCD spray will burst out at Mach3* and get straight to work.

*Mach 3 is three times the speed of sound, or about 2300 mph and is not an accurate estimate for the ejection speed of OCD sprays.

The aerosols contain the same active ingredient (DEO-MAX) as all our other products in the OCD range, so they’re not only powerful and smell fantastic, they’re also brilliant at destroying the bad smells as well, they just do it really fast.

Say goodbye to smelly bins

Perfect for clearing the air when you take the bins out.

The OCD Orange aerosol is our personal favourite, and you could say it’s our favourite out of the OCD O-range. See what we did there, Eminem has nothing on us. The colour, the clean fragrance and the zesty orange smell just hits the spot every time and with the secret (it’s not a secret, we write it in capitals everywhere) DEO-MAX odour neutraliser you have an award-winning combination*

* We’re still waiting for the award, apparently its in the post.

Be safe:

The aerosols are powerful! As funny as it may be to shock and scare your friends with a quick blast towards them, we cannot… Yes, we’ve checked with legal, we cannot recommend you do this. Sorry to be a spoilsport. Safety first.

Just blame Karen from accounts, the one with the short bob always asking to speak to management, she’s the “rule maker” around here.

OCD Aerosol 750ml
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