Plant Magic - Oldtimer Organic PK 4-8 Plant Magic Organic Boosters £30.00 Plant Magic Oldtimer PK 4-8
  • Plant Magic - Oldtimer Organic PK 4-8 Plant Magic Organic Boosters £30.00 Plant Magic Oldtimer PK 4-8

Plant Magic - Oldtimer Organic PK 4-8

Are you an organic grower, or already use the Plant Magic Plus Old-timer nutrients, but are after an organic flowering PK booster? Then the wait is finally over as Plant Magic Plus bring to the market Old-timer Organic PK 4-8.


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During mid-late flowering, Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) levels are required in abundance as plants are at maximum fruit and flower production. By using the naturally enhanced Old-timer Organic PK 4-8 will give plants additional levels of phosphorous, to aid with plant energy and helping to produce bigger yields, while the extra potassium will increase BRIX (sucrose) levels resulting in sweeter, and overall better tasting crops.

Previously, most other flowering boosters fall short of being organic, but using Old-timer Organic PK 4-8 will not only give your fruits and flowers that much needed boost, it’ll also keep your entire harvest organic and free from chemicals.


Organic PK flowering booster

Enhanced levels of P and K at a ratio of 4:8

Sweeter tasting and heavier yielding crops

Use with Old-timer Grow / Bloom and Soil Supreme for optimum results


1-2ml per litre during weeks 4-7 of flowering

Plant Magic Oldtimer PK 4-8
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