Can Isomax Silent Fan  Single Speed Fans £480.00 Can Isomax Fan Silent
  • Can Isomax Silent Fan  Single Speed Fans £480.00 Can Isomax Fan Silent

Can Isomax Silent Fan

Formerly known as the Air Force 2, this inline extractor fan is forceful by name and nature. The Can Isomax is quiet and lightweight, but is a frontrunner on the market thanks to its rotor-stator design. The fan is built within a silencing canister, providing a sleek and reliable solution to noise control in hydroponics systems.

The appliance has 3 speed settings for easy adjustment and can be attached to a compatible speed controller.


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Unique silencing design

No need to attach a separate silencer - the Isomax is built into one! Its motor comes fully encased in galvanised metal, with a thick layer of acoustic foam for further noise control. Can's flair for clever design means that you can enjoy a quiet grow space without additional gadgets.

Thermal switch included

Depending on the growth stage of your plants, you might need to use fans frequently or even constantly. The sleek, Swiss-engineered design means that faults are incredibly rare, but the Isomax comes with a thermal switch for extra peace of mind. The switch monitors the temperature of the appliance at all times and turns the appliance off if it exceeds recommended levels.

Energy efficient

While Can fans move vast quantities of air, they are also specially engineered to minimise turbulence through your ventilation setup. Not only does this make for quieter use with less vibration, but it means the airflow is directed in a uniform stream towards plants. All the air that comes out is used efficiently, and means a healthier yield and lower energy bills for you.

How to use Can Isomax Fan?

The appliance can easily be installed with the built-in brackets. We recommended using ratchet or bungee straps (not included) to hang your fan; suspending the fan in the air reduces the level of vibration and subsequent noise. Mount at the top of your grow space on a ceiling or wall and attach ducting that leads outside. After this, just plug into a mains source!

For even further air purification and removal of plant odours, you may use a carbon filter alongside the Isomax. If so, install your carbon filter first, and then attach the Isomax as specified.

Where to use Can Isomax Fan?

This can be used in any indoor grow room, grow tent, or greenhouse to provide ventilation. The power of its 237W motor is outstanding against its competitors; cooling, cleaning, and refreshing 2310m of air per hour. The built-in silencing properties of the Isomax make it a dependable choice for growers in all environments.

Why choose Can Isomax Fan?

A reliable ventilation system is essential when growing indoors - plants don't have access to fresh air, and temperature changes might leave them at risk of overheating. The Can Isomax is one of the most powerful inline fans for its energy consumption on the market, exchanging 2310 cubic metres of stale air with fresh, cool air per hour. It also comes equipped with a thermal switch to ensure the appliance is always within a safe temperature range.

When used alongside a carbon filter, such as the Can Lite, the Isomax is even more efficient in removing plant odours and VOCs from your grow space.

2310m³/h inline extractor fan;

Inbuilt silencing design;

Swiss-engineered, low-consumption motor;

Thermal switch to prevent overheating;

Powerful and cost-effective;

3 speed settings;

Mounting brackets included.

Can Isomax Fan Silent
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