New Millennium - Ruby Fulvic  Vitamins & Elements £27.95 Ruby Fulvic
  • New Millennium - Ruby Fulvic  Vitamins & Elements £27.95 Ruby Fulvic

New Millennium - Ruby Fulvic

Increase Yields (#), Crop Value ($), and Quality (%) with the best Fulvic Acid Supplement You Can Buy

Fulvic Acid is known to do a whole lot of good for plants. It is a natural chelating agent which improves nutrient absorption in the root zone. Inside the plant it acts as a "nutrient shuttle" allowing nutrients to piggyback a ride around the plant to wherever they are needed. Ruby Ful contains the highest quality fulvic acid which ensures that all the benefits of this marvellous supplement are completely exploited to the maximum. During the flush, it can assist the plant to transport excess nutrient and waste products downwards and out of the plant.


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How New Millenium Ruby Ful#$% Works

A quality fulvic acid can make a huge difference to a plant. Fulvic acid is one of nature's chelating agents which greatly enhances the absortion and transport of nutrients into and then inside the plant. The better nutrient uptake and distribution within the plant leads to increased yields, higher value crops, and improved quality.

Fulvic acid is refined from humate or humic acids which are found naturally in soil and in rich seems of leonardite found around the world. Humate and humic acid consist of a mixture of different lengths of chains of a particular organic molecule. Fulvic acids are the short chains of this molecule and are described as having comparitively low molecular weights. New Millenium Ruby Ful#$% contains only the highest quality fulvic acids.

Officially, Ruby Ful#$% is registered as a "molybdenum fertiliser". Molybdenum is a micronutrient that is only required in miniscule amounts but it is still essential for various plant functions, particularly for enzyme activities which break down Nitrogen compounds such as ammonium. Without molybdenum, the plant will suffer with a deficiency that looks similar to nitrogen deficiency. New Millenium Ruby Ful#$% ensures that molybdenum deficiency is never a problem.


Ruby Fulvic
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