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ONA Control Duct ona control duct

ONA control duct neutralise odours in your duct permanently, with 5 different ONA block flavours fresh linen, pro, tropic, fruit fusion and polar crystal. With a...

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Ducting Reducers Ducting Reducers

It's sometimes necessary to use a reducer. For example you may have a large powerful fan but only wish to make a small hole in the wall of your building for air to...

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Ducting T-piece T-piece

A Ducting T Piece is useful when you wish to use one extractor to draw air from 2 growing areas or 2 areas in 1 room. When using a Ducting T Piece you will probably...

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Ducting Y piece Y-piece

Join two ducts into one. Male - Male - Male, so ducting can be sealed to each outlet. Strong durable galvanised steel construction.

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METU Fast Clamps METU Fast Clamp

The ultimate clamp for connecting your ventilation equipment. High quality clamp made out of strong galvanised steel with polyethylene foam. One bolt fixing ensures...

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