8 way Dripper Manifold + 16mm T  Fittings £6.00 8 way Dripper Manifold + 16mm T
  • 8 way Dripper Manifold + 16mm T  Fittings £6.00 8 way Dripper Manifold + 16mm T

8 way Dripper Manifold + 16mm T

The 8 Way Dripper Manifold is a very handy fitting if you are making your own irrigation system. It is great for use at the end of a line to make an end stop with outlets. You will need a short length of 16mm pipe after the fitting and an end stop. This will force water down each of the 6mm tubes and on to drippers or sprayers if pressure is high enough. You can also place it inline, even a few in a row if need be, to create a system with more outlets. As long as pressure is enough to deal with the branches, you can have as many as you need!


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The 8 Way Dripper Manifold has barbs on all of the connection points. These serve to strengthen the join when you install it, biting into the inside of the pipe. If the pipe is very cold, it can be harder to use because it becomes stiffer at low temperatures. To help with this, soak the end of the tube in some very hot water for a few seconds to make it more pliable. After that, installation should be much easier!

8 way Dripper Manifold + 16mm T
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