OG Rapid Flower & Hardener  Nutrients £179.95 og bud hardener
  • OG Rapid Flower & Hardener  Nutrients £179.95 og bud hardener

OG Rapid Flower & Hardener

OG Rapid Flower and Hardener is a product that has been specially designed to radically activate flower production and deliver an overwhelming increase in flower mass like no other product on the market!
One of the questions we get asked in our shop is 'Whatever happened to Superbud?' Well as it is not around anymore, many people were looking for a Superbud replacement.. and here it is. This product works in a very similar way to the old Superbud. However, this product does not contain any banned substances.
Results can be seen almost immediately with a rapid onset of flowering and then delivering exploding mass with rapid daily increases in weight throughout the entire flowering cycle. This proprietary formulation delivers results through superior plant uptake technology. For serious growers only!

1 - Force a rapid onset of flowering when used in week one of the flowering cycle.
2 - Increase weight and density when used in weeks 6-7 of the flowering cycle.
3 - BOTH!
The manufacturer recommends 2ml per litre, however we found that 1ml per litre is sufficient as it is so powerful.


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Directions for use

Once plants have reached your desired height then apply OG RAPID FLOWER AND HARDENER with the current fertiliser being used on feed days at the rate of 1-2ML per litre ( 4-8ML per gallon of made up nutrient solution. Adjust TDS/PPM accordingly. Flush growing media with fresh water after 7 days.

Recirculating and Run to Waste Systems
Turn plants to flower for 5 to 7 days. Once plants have reached your desired height then apply OG RAPID AND HARDENER for 7 days. To induce a rapid onset of flowering use OG RAPID FLOWER AND HARDENER at the rate of 1-2ML per litre ( 4-8ML per gallon ) of made up nutrient solution. Adjust TDS/PPM accordingly.
If you wish to make up a new batch of nutrient solution during the 7 day period redose again with OG RAPD FLOWER AND HARDENER. Flush your system with fresh water after this 7 day period has ended and return to your regular nutrient feeding program.
If you wish to harden your flowers even further repeat the above application rate for week 6 and 7 of your flowering cycle. These longer applications at lower dosages will provide a more uniform effect over the entire plant.
This late application can also be used to harden flowers and increase final weight even if the product was not used to induce flowering initially.

For hand fed coco systems follow directions for soil/sunshine mix. For Coco growers using hydroponics recirculating and run to waste systems use OG RAPID FLOWER AND HARDENER according to hydroponic instructions.

General Usage Tip:
In run to waste systems ensure 20%-30% run off at each feed. Adequate run off flushes old nutrients out of your growing medium, allowing new plant available ones to take their place. Diamond Density induces aggressive flowering. This feeding technique helps ensure your plant has the best nutrients available to support this development.

og bud hardener
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