Plant Magic - Platinum PK 9-18 Plant Magic PK Boosters £32.00 Plant Magic Platinum PK 9-18
  • Plant Magic - Platinum PK 9-18 Plant Magic PK Boosters £32.00 Plant Magic Platinum PK 9-18

Plant Magic - Platinum PK 9-18

Plant Magic Plus Platinum is a concentrated PK Booster, but it's no ordinary flowering booster!

Platinum, as you would expect, contains high levels of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) which plants require in abundance during flowering. This is where it differs from other PK Boosters on the market as it also contains additional levels of Nitrogen, along with bio-stimulants, amino acids and high levels of sulphur, making Plant Magic Plus Platinum a unique formula with amazing capabilities.


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The additional nitrogen (N) helps to maintain your plants' health and vigour during flowering, an often-overlooked element that is still essential in small amounts during the last few weeks of the plants' life.

The bio-stimulants help to increase the Cation Exchange Capacity, especially if growing in soil, this enhances the root growth along with breaking down available nutrients, to a more useable food source, helping to accelerate it’s uptake, but also acting as a food source for beneficial microbes, bacteria and fungi.

Meanwhile, the specially selected amino acids, the building blocks of all life forms, help your flowers and fruits develop to their potential by improving their structure, aromas and sugar production.

Finally the addition of sulphur helps with the uptake of phosphorus, meaning accelerated photosynthesis with assists in greater sugar production, accelerated growth and increased yields, the sulphur also assists in the development of proteins and amino acids.

Plant Magic Platinum PK 9-18
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